Wizards Set to Rock Music Part 1.

Wizards set to Rock Music part I. (Play song and read)

Show Me The Coast

Ishmael, all dressed up in his red glimmery wizarding outfit sat on a stool in the highest tower of his castle.  He sat heavily on his stool with his back hunched up and brows furrowed all deep in wizard like meditations.  Occasionally blue little birds would ignite in flashes above his head and fly dreamily on up to the ceiling where they would pop softly with a little static sound.  This was always a sign of a wizard at his business.  Not just any old wizard of course, but the best, brightest and youngest in all the lands.  His was a skill unheard of for generations, a power so deadly vast that even his confidants and admirers shied away from him when he flexed his old powers…

So there he was high on up in that tower there, dreaming up little blue light birds and thinkin and a thinkin boy…Now I guess you’re a wondering what that young wizard up there in his tower was thinking about and man you’ll never guess, but what he was thinking of, no kidding, was this monstrous pretty, blue as a summer sky Dragon… and oh boy this was no ordinary Dragon either, but the biggest meanest dragon anyone in the lands had ever seen.  Huge as a mountain, the dragon would be seen miles around, wheeling his way through the skies, skin shining like the sea at sunrise, all glinting cosmic sparkles way up over head.  Sort of like a second sun made of hundreds of little pearly blue stars which were in fact his scales.

Pretty as the beast was high up there in the wild blue yonder he was a burden to the land and kingdom.  Eating whole villages and what not as he was won’t to do…  Thus the wizard, young and dressed up in shimmery red as he was, had been tasked on how to bring the beast down….to be continued.


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