Artist Profile: Pure Ecstasy

Over the next few days, We are going to inundate you fine internet, virtual patrons with waves of our choicest, best, closeted little dreamy jams.   This is part of a fine and new tradition called “Artist Profile”, which you may find self explanatory.  We here at Dudes have opted for a deeper approach to music appreciation.  Rather than see seminal tracks float in and out of your consciousness with nary a lasting memory, we will inundate you with profoundly good music of the same artist over a stretch of days.  Our first and brightest stars of rock and roll reverb are the sweet sounding etheral, psyche-jammers Pure Ecstasy.  Currently unsigned, EP less and with no conceivable tour they are the unknown for most of you.  Here is the first in a series of mysterious hymns from a band that plays their music under water, if water were actually pools of sound.  The song is “Alexandria”.

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