Stetson Fedora

I recently came across the Stetson wool fedora. And watching a hefty portion of Mad Men has me considering one. Is it feasible for a modern man?


3 Comments on “Stetson Fedora”

  1. Hmm…tough one dude. It all depends on how you rock it and and style it…think you could pull it off?

  2. Sherlock says:

    Go to a hat store if you can. Trying fedoras on is key to chosing the right one for you. But as a guy who wears fedoras and has a collection of them, I say, GET YOURSELF A FEDORA! Don’t worry about what the world thinks. The right hat will make all the difference.

  3. well said, after all we are the “modern man”. I’ve tried out a few vintage bowlers recently, but have had a tough time finding the right brim size and shape.

    Much thanks for the sound advice. -R

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