MeSwing’s Movies you HAVE TO SEE

Here are my recommendations for a perfect Halloween marathon

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Ah…Halloween. The one “holiday” you’re allowed to scare yourself shitless. The one perfect night to stay at home with friends (or by yourself) and run an awesome marathon of flicks that’ll get everyone screaming with fright (or laughter, depending on the movie).

Here is a quick rundown of some  (there are too many) of my favorites:

The Evil Dead (1982)

Dawn of the Dead (1979 and its’ 2004 remake)

Night of the Living Dead (classic)

Halloween (The John Carpenter classic from 1978 – NOT the ROB ZOMBIE GARBAGE – Sorry RZ.)  Come on, you just have to…

Suspiria (A true Dario Argento masterpiece – NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART HOWEVER!)

Rec ( a spanish horror film guaranteed to make you shit your pants)

The Shining (1980 – Still gives me the creeps)

28 Days Later (2002) Danny Boyle showed he can scare us too

The Exorcist (1973 – Billyboy Friedkin, Director –Sadly, I refuse to see this movie again)

The Omen (1978)



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