Holiday Treats

Christmas shopping is never easy, but then if life were easy we would all be bored, right? Well tests were never meant to be easy and we all cheated on those. So without further BS’ing I present to you the cheat sheet for the Holiday season. First on the list is the Jawbone Jambox.

Perfect for blasting: Far East Movement – Like a G6 I had a chance to play around with one of these; it is completely portable, stylish and pumps out big sound. The bass is the x-factor here. It is amazing. Perfect for anyone with limited space and wants some speakers to rage out with on occasion. The Jambox apparently also doubles as a speaker phone, gnarles.  $199 at


2 Comments on “Holiday Treats”

  1. Robert and Chris says:

    Hey Zuckerberg the 2nd, we absolutely love your speakers…but we would rather buy our christmas gifts at Coach Men Store (have you ever heard of that?).


    Your biggest fans!

    Chillin in my G6…Pontiac

    • Dudeswholikedudes, glad to see your interest is sparked on the first of many great gifting ideas from us! You are in luck, there will be some Coach Men’s apparel appearing soon! I hope you were well behaved this year because as you know…the Dude always abides

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