Holiday Treats: Coach

Some of you may know that I have a slight impartiality to Coach and it’s products. But bias aside I want to show you a couple of my most favoritest items. If you have been good, Santa might consider bringing these down your chimney this holiday season.

First, The Derek Boot. Reminiscent of a sturdy, union worker boot from the days of ole. Complete with contrasting white “Vibram” style soles. Let me tell you that despite the luxurious Coach logo stamped on a supple leather swatch on the boot’s tongue, these babies were built for the Brawny Man! They will be perfect for chopping lumber, hiking up mountains, saving kittens stuck in red wood trees and looking butch on paper towel logos. Dereks are also perfect for carrying groceries, hiking through slush puddles, and keeping a firm foothold at holiday roof parties.

Now every man with a sense of style knows that you have to match the shoes with a belt. Luckily, I have just the one. This rustic little number is constructed with Coach’s most durable, toughest leather and solid

brass/nickel hardware.

Both are available at the Coach Men’s Store, NYC and also on

Shoes: $298, Belt $168


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