Old Spice Denali

contributed by Christopher Ceccotti

Dudes who likes things. Dudes who stay fresh. If a bald eagle were to wear deodorant it would beyond a doubt wear Old Spice-DENALI.

Marketing geniuses that they are, Old Spice rolled out the “Fresh Collection” line of products. Each of the four claims to smell like FREEDOM…among other abstract scents. FIJI, for example, smells like “Sunshine, palm trees and freedom.” What does sunshine smell like? I thought “maybe a big ash tray”. I was wrong.

Some might say that I am a victim of an incredible marketing scheme- those poor (smelly) people haven’t wafted the beautiful fragrance of FREEDOM. Old Spice Denali IS AMERICA. It smells like “open air, wilderness and freedom.”

Hype and marketing campaigns aside- it is a phenomenal product. I have been as fresh as capitalism and as dry as the 1920’s…for Mormons. Pack of four is $19 on Amazon.

I’m on a horse.


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