Be Like Mike

I was recently asked by a close friend and “dude who likes things” for some guidance on one of man’s best friends: the t-shirt. My thoughts? Head straight to the undisputed expert on the subject, His Airness, Mr. Michael Jordan.

I highly recommend Hanes. Available at Target, functional, well-fitting and cheap, cheap, cheap. I recommend white t’s in packs of 3 or 5 for about $5-$15. When it comes to white t-shirts I have found not to get too attached. White clothing generally seems to have a magnetic attraction to undesirable stain merchants. So save yourself the bitter tears when you spill Franzia on your $100 Dolce & Gabbana Christiano Ronaldo muscle tee and stick to the cheap whites that you can easily part with.

I would also suggest procuring a couple of nicer tees from a brand that you like. J. Crew, Polo, Banana Republic are some of my go-to’s. The trick if you plan on shelling a couple extra clams on a tee is to buy dark colors. It is guaranteed to last a lot longer. Hanes also makes a great black/grey t-shirt, if a one-stop shop at Target appeals to you. For more interesting colors though you may want to venture elsewhere.

I own a black Polo Sport t-shirt that must be over 10 years old now, it is an heirloom favorite and I still wear it regularly.

While we are talking Hanes here, also check out their Tagless Boxer Briefs. I won’t go into too much detail, just sayin they are awesome. Now that I wear pants that “fit me” boxer briefs have followed suit.

Do yourself a favor and heed the advice of MJ! Cheers to keeping it fresh and legendary in 2k11!


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