Winter Gear: Uniqlo, Cashmere, and Quoddy

The latest NYC snowfall was the perfect opportunity to showcase a few great winter items:

First and foremost: Uniqlo Heattech Long Johns in “undercover” camouflage.

D&G 100% cashmere overcoat: this coat is unbelievable, I was lucky enough to find it at a consignment shop and after a few alterations it fits like a glove. It is like wearing a super soft and warm tailored blanket! If you are in the market for an overcoat I would highly, highly recommend cashmere, it is just better.

Lexi is rocking my Abercrombie & Fitch “heavy as the Dickens” jacket. This jacket was acquired from my good friend Harris who very kindly passed along some great cold weather pieces to me in anticipation of his move to Miami. Lex is also rocking a J. Crew 100% cashmere beanie and her fleece-lined Sperry wellies, perfect for you ladies (and gents) travelling inclement weather walkways. 

Sheepskin Lined Quoddy Grizzly Boots. I asked for these this year for Christmas and MomDadaclaus was more than generous!  I also received the Quoddy Organic Waterproofer boot dressing. It is made of bear fat and honey which is not only good for boot skin, but also very nourishing to human skin! It is recommended that you apply it to all your boots by hand.

I really love the Grizzly Boots kind of medieval peasant aesthetic. Mine required zero break in and feel like gigantic slippers.
Stay warm and dry my friends and enjoy the snow or what is left of it!

2 Comments on “Winter Gear: Uniqlo, Cashmere, and Quoddy”

  1. Are the long johns part of the HEATTECH thermal clothing range? I’ve been wearing HEATTECH all winter, don’t think I’d have lasted the winter without it!

  2. Hey yeah heattech is bommbb, here is a link to the long johns on Uniqlo’s site

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