Bieber. Mothers. Avirex.

As the tune goes: “Then I saw his face, now I’m a Bieleber!”

I recently found myself in a Justin Bieber inspired look. As the Brits would say I did it for a laugh (though Lexi, taking the pics, was not laughing at how cold it was). Apart from having a laugh I also wanted to share with you my Avirex Type A-2 Bomber Jacket.

Biebels sure knows how to work a crowd of 12-15 year old girls with his sweet moves, catchy tunes and uncanny boyish charm, but what of his sartorial chops?

Can Bieber dress to impress? Well that is up for debate, I doubt he has much say in what he is wearing anyway. So, let me rephrase; inspired by Bieber styling experts, here is the break down:

Suede Nike Dunks from Sega’s Streets of Rage

Levi’s 501 Shrink-to-fit blue jeans

Reuhl ivory long sleeve henley

Old Ray-Ban Cats Sunnies

Cashmere NYC street vendor scarf

Signature Bieber Hair (not pictured)

Channeling the teeny heartthrob on a frigid February afternoon was the perfect opportunity to wear my Avirex Bomber. It brims with quality, character and American nostalgia; it’s the kind of garment that invokes the phrase “they just don’t make ’em like this anymore.”

Now this jacket doesn’t fit me well, it is huge, which has put me off from wearing it more often than I do (the pictures don’t accurately show just how large it is), but I shutter at the thought of tailoring a leather jacket and at times I actually appreciate the fact that it is big.

Slim is in right now and rightly so, my experience in the fashion world has taught me that a good fit trumps all. Though with my Avirex, the large size of the jacket feels right, like it was passed down from my Dad and is still a bit too big.

My favorite part is it’s interior, including a poem to Mother, a racy picture of God’s loveliest creation and a patriotic motif. All aimed at reminding us who we are fighting for!

To the fairer sex, liberty, freedom and my own Mother who kindly gifted me this jacket on my 18th Bday:

To one who bears the sweetest name

And adds a luster to the same

Who shares my joys, who cheers when sad

The greatest friend I ever had,

Long life to her, for there’s no other,

Who takes the place of my dear



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