Adam, again my heartiest apologies for cutting your head out of this shot. I just didn’t want your boyish good looks to distract anyone from the focus here, which is your leather jacket. The thing about this jacket that caught my eye was the faded coloring and texture. There is an unspoken language that a leather jacket like this one conveys, it commands homage for the places it has been. It beautifully tells a story of life’s full circle as it slowly returns to it’s un-dyed natural leather state.

Adam told me it was purchased in it’s worn in state from Wilson’s Leather. And to that I want to extend my heartiest appreciation to Mr. Wilson for hiring someone to wear his leather jackets and attend 1000’s of sweaty concerts, bike across the country, weather everything mother nature can spew out and generally hang around in the underbellies of dirty cities. Because that is the only way I know to make a leather jacket look this way.

On an extremely side, side note: Does anyone outside of Northern Virginia use the term “faded” in the way they would use “wasted, plastered, etc..” I think that may be a NOVA thing, lemme know, I haven’t heard it since high school.


3 Comments on “Faded”

  1. Adam says:

    Hey, nice blog good sir! People seem to strongly like this jacket, and some ask me where I got it. Usually I don’t tell them though, so this is a dudeswholikethings exclusive!

    It’s the only jacket that has fit me perfectly right outta the box.

    Thanks for the nod of appreciation!


  2. melegorm says:

    Bought an (unfaded) lambskin jacket from Wilson’s in the summer of 2001. It’s now faded to an extent that it looks taken from Indiana Jones’s wardrobe. Wouldn’t trade it for anything – great blog!

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