Legend & Tangerine Dream

So in 1984, Ridley Scott created a little known film called Legend.  In this little known film, a primordial tale of good and evil unfolded.  It featured a very young Tom Cruise and a massive red horned devil via Tim Curry.  For many this film would go down in cinema history.  Partly for its insane imagery and partly because those who watched it were insanely nerdy.  I for one came under its spell as a ten year old boy.  And is there anything better than magic, dark tales, swords, and Tom Cruise when you’re ten in the ’80s?  Probably not.  Of most note however is the epic soundtrack the film was set to.  It offers the ultimate love ballad you might say.  The band who unleashed it on the world was Tangerine Dream, an ’80s experimental outfit, who dabbled between synth ladden atmospherics and all out Brian Ferry styled, in the wind-of-time croons.  Check out the video below if you are or ever have been a fan of either Ridley Scott, the ’80s power balad or Tom Cruise. Or primordial fantasy…


3 Comments on “Legend & Tangerine Dream”

  1. Helen says:

    That was intense, and one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. I had to watch it twice! Thank you.

  2. Chesley says:

    spoiler alert

  3. rita says:

    I have a nephew who loved to play with swords when he was little. The clip made me remember some lovely times. Thanks.

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