A Vinyl Necessity…

I Cant Wait by Twin Shadow

The question you have to ask yourself, in this age of scattered digital music, is when was the last time you sat down and listened to a record all the way through?  Looking through Ipods lately, I’ve noticed a terrifying trend.  That trend is a lack of complete albums, replaced by one or two songs from this artist and that artist.  While some bands deservedly only merit one or two songs of Ipod space, there are still plenty of great listening experiences out there.  The easy solution to this problem friends is not more digital downloads!  I offer a much more pleasant experience, in the form of pressed wax.  The vinyl record, aside from maintaining great sound quality offers a much more tangible and solid experience.

Imagine records floating into your home via small and slim brown packages.  Imagine tearing them open at your convenience, slipping them onto the record player, sitting down, and doing nothing but listening… It may seem a foreign experience at first but soon you will grow to love it and all that trash you have been harboring will drift away, replaced by a new electric currency echoing off your walls and sliding in waves through the crevices of your mind…

Music while looking at a computer screen just isn’t the same…

If this doesn’t inspire you to get connected to the Vinyl world perhaps the beautiful Twin Shadows record will entice you.  It’s the latest addition to my collection and I honestly haven’t been so happy with a piece of music in ages.  Delivered right to my door via Insound music (Greenpoint distributor).  Beautifully packaged with heavily gorgeous jams encased, its not to be missed as a full record.  Check out our samples at the top of the post and get your own copy…

Forget by Twin Shadow, in all it’s vinyl aesthetic glory


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