A 3-story Phelpsian-like beast of an athlete bursts from an industrial factory wall with its sights set on the Chicago skyline

This colossal mural can be seen while driving south on Chicago’s I-90/94 freeway. During a brief stint in Bears country I drove by admiring the piece often. Choosing to focus my attention here as opposed to the majestic Chicago skyline visible on the other side of the road.

The purpose behind this huge display was to promote Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics.

The immense size and bold colors of the images were what had captured my attention. Not to mention the mystique and excitement of the Olympic Games.

The evening these pictures were taken we wanted to have a closer look at the mural and not while zooming by at 60mph. So we located the building they were painted on and had a look around. We soon realized that with little effort you could climb up the building’s fire escape for a real close-up and amazing vantage point over the freeway and looking out at the skyline.

With all of the mind-blowing artistic works on display in Chicago, and there are many. This Olympic campaign “billboard” is the one that sticks with me most.


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