wrist accoutrements

Recently, I have noticed buzz surrounding the idea of men piling bracelets on their arms. In magazines, on celebrities, it appears to have become a bit of a trend. Like any trend this is a blessing and a curse for those of the stylish sect who have been sporting wristwear for a long time, in part to separate themselves and their wrists from the masses. I would hate on the fact that men will now be sporting this look for no good reason other than that it is a cool thing everyone else is doing, but that would most likely make me a hypocrite.

David Beckham’s wrist recently and a clip from notable blog, Street Etiquette:






With that being said I think it should be celebrated that men are interested in expressing a personal touch through what I consider to be primal decorum, worn for various reasons since the beginning of time. One question remains though: does unnecessary decor like bracelets need to hold some significance or meaning to be deemed acceptable? The answer is it certainly doesn’t hurt, something of significance or meaning is naturally held in higher regard. If you want to wear a couple of bracelets around town just for the hell of it, why should I or anyone else frown upon that? In the end, with things of this nature it all comes down to confidence and being true to yourself?

My own personal collection consists of various pieces. Including leather shoe laces purchased at my local shoe repair. Others include a few I picked up at high street stores like H&M, J. Crew. A couple other favorites are the twisted guitar strings in black and steel. I usually wear a couple at a time with no particular rhyme or reason to my choosing. Lately though black has been a common theme.










notables wristwear stockists: Giles & Bros. Same Sky  Tanner Goods MIANSAI


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