Denis Johnson

This book is probably not news to many people but for those unacquainted with it, it’s a beautiful collection of short stories, attached by the thread of the narrator’s life.  It mostly takes place in a bruised Midwest of the 1990s, filled with alcohol, drugs and hallucinatory imagery.  The accounts inside are (loosely?) based on Denis Johnson’s life or the incidents surrounding people he knew.

“This man was just basically one of those people on a boat, leaning on the rail like the others, his hands dangling over like bait.  The day was sunny, unusual for the Northwest Coast.  I’m sure we were all feeling blessed on this ferryboat among the humps of very green– in the sunlight almost coolly burning, like phosphorus–islands, and the water of the inlets winking in the sincere light of day, under a sky as blue and brainless as the love of God, despite the smell, the slight, dreamy suffocation, of some kind of petroleum-based compound used to seal the deck’s seams.” – Jesus’s Son


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