Cheer Up, A new mix!

Been a tough couple of days for many of us on the East Coast. All the more reason to drop whatever your doing and shake your bones for a bit.

Tony Clarke – Landslide

Mystery Jets- Young Love (Shoes Mix)

Plastic Littles – Crambodia

Brought to you by our good friend Kristie- here is the playlist in it’s entirety if you like what you heard

Super Rich Kids

“Too many joyrides in Daddy’s Jaguar”

Grizzly Bear

Probably not news to many of you but Grizzly Bear has a new record fast approaching.  Listening to this track off forthcoming Shields I began to ask myself where have the jams been lately?  While there is great music out there surely, nothing has come close to being this compelling in a while (from my humble perspective), particularly Ed Droste’s chorus/vocals here.  Something about them takes you away, makes you feel free or at least regret the fact that you’re not free. For me it brought me back to those glazed guitar feelings of their Friend record (which, if you haven’t listened, is electrifying).  Maybe I just want something more rebellious, more lifted in music which I haven’t found lately but is supplied here.


Lexi’s #1 person to play guitar like

Philadelphia Freedom

My good friend Kristie gifted me a glorious mix, complete with Hello Kitty stickers. This mix is seriously slay me, dragon good! And it’s not everyday a kid gets a mix, surely not one packaged so delectably.

To be honest, I am having a hard time picking favorites, here are a few to wet your whistle:

Nick Harvey – Out of Time Man

Gang of Four – It’s Her Factory

Billy Bragg – New England