Paper Clip

Coach Sterling Silver Money Clip $148


Ritter Sport

with cornflakes

1st in a series of holiday gifts this season

Box of 10 Ritter Sport chocolate bars w/cornflakes $27



A digital Richard Mille? At a price actual persons can afford? Yes, that would be the Killer Shark Skeleton.

And ever since one of the cool kids in 4th grade had a Shark watch, I’ve kinda always wanted one.

This might be the one… in punch me in the face neon

Bespoke Knowledge for the Crispy Gentleman

Why do I need whiskers on my jeans? What is a goth ninja? Is smoking cool? Is drinking milk cool? When to go “Double Breasted”? Is the Consigliere of Crispyness an important figure in modern culture? What is a “designer”? Do brands matter? What brands matter? What is a “herb”?

As a believer in the evolution of the man, these are the important questions you need to be asking yourself. And FYMW has the answers.

Launch event tonight Nov. 8th 7-9pm at at powerHouse books in Brooklyn,with authors Kevin Burrows and Lawrence Schlossman, joined by A¬†Continuous¬†Lean‘s Michael Williams.

Desert Camo Pop Phone

Making calls on the DL? From the desert?

The Desert Camo Pop Phone attaches to your cell for calls you would prefer to make under it’s veil of camo secrecy.