Music + Shows + Insound Warehouse Sale


New Memory Tapes track, titled Yes I know

And Blood Orange (above)… a Brooklyn up and comer.

Track: Sutphin Boulevard

Shows —- Friday!

Lower Dens with Dirty Beaches…. @ South Street Sea Port for FREE 7pm

Track: Tea Lights

Also Friday Night — Big Troubles (poptastic, glitchy electro, lofi guitar shredding) @ The Bell House —- 15 clams…8pm

w/  The Thermals

Track: Freudian Slips

Also Friday… Memory Tapes plays Mercury Lounge … 12 bucks @ 1030

Insound Warehouse Sale…

Insound (great music distribution site in Greenpoint) is having a warehouse sale tonight, wherein one may find band shirts, posters, fresh pressed vinyl,refreshments and a slew of other good things.  Goes off from 5-8 tonight! June 30, Thursday.

Dirty Beaches in a True Blue Haze

About a year ago to date, I came across this guy… Dirty Beaches.  My first reaction to this song was a very visceral, nostalgia induced haze, wherein I saw a previous life of surf boards, guitars and violet skies.  It was a bit of an acid washed day dream if you will, all soaked in a purple twilight where people felt free.  In this sheen of revelry,  Alex Hungtai’s slow burning ’50s hymns, hang in garage glam reverberations, echoing over the surf beat laze of his guitar.  The stream of sounds crest in a wave of the heart allowing you entrance into this blue & watery heaven. Enjoy it at your psychotropic leisure.