Big Bold Red

Big Bold Red

Im no oenophile, but having a go at a wine review for you fine folks-

Drinkability is priority #1 when it comes to wine and with Yellow Tail’s Big Bold Red, this is a definite win. Being a moderate wine drinker at best, I tend towards reds and Cabernet Sauvignon in particular. Menthol notes as well as being sweet but not overly so are what I liked about the Big Bold Red. I also do like to taste a bit of acidity, partly why I like Cab’s so much and though there are only hints of acidity, I enjoyed the bottle’s overall balance.

For around $10 and easily accessible at your local digs, Yellow Tail’s Big Bold Red gets a thumbs up.

Drink Ketel One and Read This

Not Your Average Sign Language


I was recommended Root a few months ago and stumbled upon it (not in the drinking sense!) one evening it at the liquor store. It has been a loyal evening companion since.

To not mince words: it is alcoholic root beer. But with a great backstory/heritage to it, so you don’t feel like a pre-teen induldging in Daddy’s soda pop.

Check out for more on the pre-prohibition backstory and suggestions on how to make a root beer float or grafitti artist BORF inspired cocktail. I have been very unadventurous with mine thus far and just pore over ice, which I absolutely recommend.

Shout out to Alex at The Pantalones for filling me in…