Field Notes “National Crop” Edition

As a now full fledged junkie fiend for the anything that Field Notes let’s me purchase, it was a glorious day when the latest limited edition pack landed on my desk.

This time around, the “National Crop” Edition celebrates America’s agricultural heritage, complete with a patch (presumably for my Boy Scout Uniform) and a nifty map of where each crop grows in the USA.

Congratulations Field Notes on outdoing yourselves once again.

Holiday Treats! Hickoree’s Hard Goods

Today I want to point you towards Hickoree’s Hard Goods. Hickoree’s hosts an odd assortment of “vintage-y” knick-knacks and products toting a “made in USA” tag. J. Crew’s new Men’s Store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan has a small Hickoree’s showcase, if you want to touch before purchasing.

There are two items I want to feature from Hickorees, but both are unfortunately sold out on the site. There is hope though; I was able to find Maxx & Unicorn’s Camo Wallet available at¬†Supermarket.

Camouflage¬†colored washed calfskin leather, it doesn’t get much better than that. Stephen, my boss, has me truly addicted to camo. I am currently on the search for a camo jacket. Prada appears to be the originator of the trend and they carry some gorgeous camo money pieces, but you can’t beat Maxx & Unicorn’s for $80, these wallets are limited edition so get proactive if interested.

Next, the Field Notes Packet of Sunshine 3-pack. I was only able to find these in stock on a website from the UK,, but perhaps you are more resourceful than I. Field Notes have become somewhat of a passion for me. I am not sure why, but there is just something very appealing about these small notebooks that make me feel like I am in a Wes Anderson film. I like to have one on me with a pen, especially at work. As a gift, Field Notes are cheap ($12 for 3-pack), understated, but a delight for anyone receiving them. The limited edition Packet of Sunshine also includes a sachet of marigold seeds as an added bonus for your loved ones to grow a bit of life in the upcoming bleak months of January and February.