Girls & Smith Westerns

Last week I had the pleasure of picking up the latest Girls EP, Broken Dreams Club.  Sonically, it ventures into a more earth grown territory evoking a sort of old Elvis Costello vibe.  However, it just wouldn’t be Girls without those brief forays into the the territory of reverberated dimensions.  Carolina is a bit of each style, at 7 plus minutes it gives us a taste of a perfectly rendered world where both are possible.  I’m sure Pink Floyd comparisons are apt during this songs intro.

Buy the record via Greenpoint’s Insound.  Available in freshly pressed Vinyl for a cool 12 clams…

Insound – Girls

Smith Westerns

Below we have a track from up and comers The Smith Westerns, venturing into a similar, albeit more upbeat territory.

The Smith Westerns – Weekends


A new track from those old schoolers.  reverb heavy and gorgeous as always.

Girls — Girls – Heartbreaker

Artist Profile Cont.: Pure Ecstasy

So thanks patient viewers of this blog for bearing with us as we get into the habit of posting regularly.  We’re working on it.  Having said that let it be known that those of you who have stuck with us over these tentative first steps are sure to be rewarded with more hifi and lofi psychedelia/fashion advice to coat your sunlight addled heatwaved brains.

A few posts ago I spoke of an Austin band called Pure Ecstasy.  Recent news has it they have an LP coming in the fall which is sure to blow everyones mind in the smoothest way possible.  They are quite possibly one of the next big bands and in the sneaky tradition of a band like Girls will appear on pitchfork out of nowhere and land a 9. something/best new music.  Without further ado the name of this track is “Voices”.

a myriad of smooth electric jams to follow later today…