Heaven is Real


John Maus recently earned a place of honor within my view of the current music scene.  I was slinking around Pitchfork’s website when I came across a video of his recent performance at Glasslands, link included below.  In the video Maus drops some wisdom in between clips of hysterical singing and some very glamorous ’80s melody.

In short, the video spilled out in a dream where reality’s pure unfolding is set off by smooth harmonies. It’s cool that some people still seek to break through.

Some of this gets pretty heavy, definitely not for the faint of heart.

Live at Glasslands

Is something missing












John Maus & Molly Nilsson

Hey Moon

Typical Dudes Fanfare.



1. Music A loud flourish of brass instruments, especially trumpets?
2. A spectacular public display.

Retro video from John Maus.  I think the 80’s stripes have been revealed by this point.

While Maus hasn’t created an insane hit here or anything, he has managed to slip some laser beams, an ’80s brown haired guy, and starry visuals into a music video.  Sometimes that’s enough.

JOHN MAUS – Head For The Country (Official Video) from Upset The Rhythm on Vimeo.