Acid Wash Levi’s 550

I finally gave in and snagged a pair of acid wash jeans off eBay. Part fascination with the late 80’s/early 90’s, part rebellious need to differentiate has had these on my list for a while. I settled on this particular pair because of the tapered leg cut of the old 550 and the unusually bold white/blue contrast of the acid wash. Read the rest of this entry »

Tapered jeans, I <3 the 90’s

I own a pair of Levi’s 550’s. Gifted to me by my girlfriend. They are black, they are too big for me and I love them. Girls have been looking great in tapered jeans for a while now and I don’t understand why there aren’t any around for guys. Is it too soon for a 90’s revival?

On another note, I have been trying to decipher what all the fuss is about selvedged denim. Sure it’s vintage-y and yeah the little details on the upturned cuff are pretty cool. And I am definetly a sucker for quality. But come on, are they really a worthy investment for a guy trying to look his best? I have done the research and the selvedged quality is no doubt better, but $150, $200, $300 is a crap load of money for denim.

That being said, I will probably fold and get a selvedged pair from the Jean Shop in Soho one of these days. For the time being I am looking for a pair of no longer produced, tapered Levi’s 512’s on eBay or anywhere else i can grab a bargain (They are going for $34.95 at currently, but i feel i can do better). I think the 512’s which are being advertised as a slim fit will be more flattering on me than my 550’s, which are relaxed fit. Below are pictures of my 550’s.