30 Things of June

I’m putting this thing to sleep

Featuring: Mister Freedom Button-Down, J. Crew Sailboat Pants, Oakley Blades Sunglasses, Bandanas, Moreschi Indian Mocs, J. Press Knit Tie

These we figured were purchased in 1987 (rainbow lens) and 1993. The wrap-around lens is perfect for sports and being an  extra in Tron. Both pairs have a crack in the frame above the lens which depending on your philosophical disposition may add character.

Bandanas from my ever growing collection, like hot dogs, you can never have enough of these… Moreschi Indian Mocs 

The 30th Thing of June: perfectly fit for July.

September Style

September, Summer’s spoils for triumphantly battling scorching tyranny.

Here is a last hoorah to Summer in a simple T, fine-striped suiting pants, an incredible 1-button blazer, and a Dude’s favorite: Moreschi patent toe lace-ups.

Relishing in the comfortable ambiguity that ends Summer and begins the Autumn, I am sporting breezy linen pants with a flannel button-down, a heavy wool sport coat and nubucks.

Beatle Boots

I found these beauts recently on eBay. They are made by Moreschi and look to be from the 80’s or 90’s. They are a 9 1/2, not my size or I would be jamming out in them right now.

What makes these so special? Well, first they are made by Moreschi, an exquisite Italian leather house specializing in men’s footwear and a personal favorite of mine. Go to moreschi.com for more details and don’t forget to check out the ridiculous sale going down.

The second reason that these Moreschi Boots are awesome is that they were made famous by the Beatles. ‘Nuff said right? Birthed from sex, drugs, and Beatles, you gotta know what you are doing wearing a pair of boots like these. Tips:
DON’T look like you’re Ringo Starr in a Beatles cover band (unless you are Ringo Starr in a Beatles cover band). You are wearing some pretty radical boots so tone down the rest of your digs for the day and let your new boots steal the show.
DO remember that rock-n-roll is the tits and so are these boots so grab a few cold ones, flip on your Beatles Rock Band, and act accordingly.