Brooklyn Flea

If you are ADD and you like things, you should check out the Brooklyn Flea. It is not new news, but wow I could hardly contain myself. Right when I walked in I stumbled upon a pair of Alden tassel loafers in my exact size for a cool $38. “Well done sir” I said to myself as I waltzed to the ATM.
Everywhere I looked there was something catching my attention. Vintage leathergoods, jackets, ties, long wing tips, metal things, americana, records, eyewear, bikes. I was surrounded, I had lost my friends, and my original mission to find the elusive ATM began to fade away. “we need to find Lexi, oh boots!” my sister said as she bee-lined sideways towards a vendor. I was trying on wool sport coats in 90-degree sun, flipping through 70’s Playboys and smiling at the old records my girlfriend curated. Imagine rumaging through Brooklyn’s attic, where they serve papusas and Mexican grilled corn when your done. I salute you America for your over-excess, providing me with a fun filled day, some new reading material and killer new kicks.