Girls & Smith Westerns

Last week I had the pleasure of picking up the latest Girls EP, Broken Dreams Club.  Sonically, it ventures into a more earth grown territory evoking a sort of old Elvis Costello vibe.  However, it just wouldn’t be Girls without those brief forays into the the territory of reverberated dimensions.  Carolina is a bit of each style, at 7 plus minutes it gives us a taste of a perfectly rendered world where both are possible.  I’m sure Pink Floyd comparisons are apt during this songs intro.

Buy the record via Greenpoint’s Insound.  Available in freshly pressed Vinyl for a cool 12 clams…

Insound – Girls

Smith Westerns

Below we have a track from up and comers The Smith Westerns, venturing into a similar, albeit more upbeat territory.

The Smith Westerns – Weekends