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Engineered Garments Floral Scarf $110 – Tres Bien Shop



Gitman Bros. Hawaiin Print $195 – Park & Bond



Skinny Belt Natural/Copper $88 – Tanner Goods



PRL Cotton and Linen-Blend Jacket $295 – Mr. Porter


Capsule Show NY A/W 2012

Capsule Men’s tradeshow hit New York earlier this week proclaiming loud and clear that menswear’s American heritage movement is alive and well. Brands like Hellers Cafe, Yuketen, Ovadia & Sons and Billy Reid being some of the bigger names, showcasing their latest goodies this time around.

As a veteran of the show (this was my 2nd), I couldn’t help but admire Capsule’s progress from six months ago. Of note this season was The Donut Shop greeting you upon entry and exit. This delightful pop-up shop gave attendees a chance for instant gratification from a number of vendors; a rare prospect at a trade show like this considering product is generally not available for purchase on the spot.

Last season, we honed in on the emerging trend of floral and effeminate prints and the implications of them infiltrating our macho wardrobes. This time around there were still a fair share, one in particular by Monitaly (featured below) that took first prize as my favorite piece of the show. But generally speaking for this season’s collections, designers appeared a bit less progressive in their offerings, choosing to build on what has been highly successful of late: American heritage inspiration.

Other top honors go to Ovadia & Sons, who’s collection truly captures the essence of the current menswear renaissance. Ovadia blends the perfect concoction of the old world gentleman mixed with what men today are looking for. The breadth of their assortment is also astonishing. It will take you from being the best dressed person in your office to being the best dressed person literally anywhere. Despite the fact that I have never tried anything of theirs on (a blunder that I will hopefully soon set right), I am truly sold.

An instant favorite and something a bit different was Lazy Oaf. A brand I know little about, but found refreshingly different from Capsule’s sea of distressed canvas, drab colors and work boots. Lazy Oaf felt young and vibrant and even a bit campy. I couldn’t help but gravitate towards their brightly colored 80’s new wave bold prints. You know… to add a bit of “pop” to my military drab inspired wardrobe.

Final thoughts:  Nothing really knocked me out of my socks to be perfectly frank. I saw lots of incredible product and ideas, but nothing from the greater beyond. Disappointing, but also relieving to see that as the menswear renaissance heats up, labels appear to be wisely taking heed of the tortoises’s slow and steady result.

Featured Vendors

Orange Crush Exports

Kings County Salvage



Tanner Goods

Ovadia & Sons

The one and only Mr. Delany of MyPantalones

Field Notes

Lazy Oaf

Del Toro

Vanishing Elephant

Read’s Clothing Project

wrist accoutrements

Recently, I have noticed buzz surrounding the idea of men piling bracelets on their arms. In magazines, on celebrities, it appears to have become a bit of a trend. Like any trend this is a blessing and a curse for those of the stylish sect who have been sporting wristwear for a long time, in part to separate themselves and their wrists from the masses. I would hate on the fact that men will now be sporting this look for no good reason other than that it is a cool thing everyone else is doing, but that would most likely make me a hypocrite.

David Beckham’s wrist recently and a clip from notable blog, Street Etiquette:






With that being said I think it should be celebrated that men are interested in expressing a personal touch through what I consider to be primal decorum, worn for various reasons since the beginning of time. One question remains though: does unnecessary decor like bracelets need to hold some significance or meaning to be deemed acceptable? The answer is it certainly doesn’t hurt, something of significance or meaning is naturally held in higher regard. If you want to wear a couple of bracelets around town just for the hell of it, why should I or anyone else frown upon that? In the end, with things of this nature it all comes down to confidence and being true to yourself?

My own personal collection consists of various pieces. Including leather shoe laces purchased at my local shoe repair. Others include a few I picked up at high street stores like H&M, J. Crew. A couple other favorites are the twisted guitar strings in black and steel. I usually wear a couple at a time with no particular rhyme or reason to my choosing. Lately though black has been a common theme.










notables wristwear stockists: Giles & Bros. Same Sky  Tanner Goods MIANSAI